Friday, 13 December 2013

Modernization in Online Education India

No doubt that Online Education offers various advantageous not only in India, but worldwide like convenience, efficient use of time, cost saving and flexibility. Today, Online Education in India is more preferred as compare to the traditional method and it is moving very vastly. After getting a success in management and engineering exams, now Online Education got a strong demand for all types of examinations.

International and domestic both universities have already achieved huge success by providing multiple educational programs, which provide to the growing demands of students and various working professionals ensuring the fast track career growth for all. The most important things for online education is the flexibility, convenience, scope for utilizing the time very effectively and support of learning. No doubt that in an online mode, a person can learn with high level of comfort.

According to the last latest survey, India's gross enrollment ratio is about 13%, which is really very low. If you are talking about average world gross enrollment ratio, then it is near about 30%. Most developed counties have 56%. This is not really very good news for us. There are many working professionals, who really not able to pursue in any course as their tight schedule at office.

Today, with the support of latest information technology, students can webcast online lectures of well expert's faculties. Online Education in India provides an alternative to traditional face to face coaching and thus offers flexibility in time and comfort to choose location.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Education Blogs that you should follow

Doesn’t matter that you are teacher, student or any other administrator, you should always follow education blog. Definitely now the question is arriving in your mind is that why you need to follow educational blogs, but at the same time if you are in learning mode and working in education sector, then you can learn so many very special things with help of these blogs. No doubt that blogs are an ever increasing, a best way to spark ideas, creativity and innovation. You can also get latest update on various Online Application Form with help of the educational blogs.

job application form
There are following lists of blogs for those people who are really interested in education sector. These blogs are written by parents, educational experts, administrators, teachers, businessman and various other experts.  These blogs provide unique and quality content.

job application form
Generally Educational blogs are divided into following five categories-:
1.       Traditional College
2.       Traditional Elementary Education
3.       Learning Techniques
4.       Education Policies
5.       E-Learning and Edtech

Online exam form india

Blog Category
Blog name
Blog Url
Traditional College
Omniac Education

Study Hacks

Parents Countdown To College Coach


Thesis Whisperer

Teen College Education

University of Venus



 The Ivy Coach


Traditional Elementary Education

Cathy Nelson

Cool Cat Teacher

Principals Page

Teaching Blog Addict

Learning Is Messy

The Curriculum Corner

The Organized Classroom Blog

Polka Dotted Teacher

Educational Advancement

Learning Techniques

Thank You Brain

Cerebral Hacks – Education

2¢ Worth

Education Policies

Best of Education Blog


Thoughts On Education Policy


Education Experts Blog


Successful Schools

Joanne Jacobs

Campaign K-12

Stories From School

E-Learning and Edtech

Tic Tac Interactive

The Daily Riff


Speed of Creativity

Beth Knittle

Edcomp Blog

The Tech Savvy Educator

Will Richardson

The Thinking Stick

The Rapid E-Learning Blog

Life in Perpetual Beta

The Online Learning Update

E-Learning Queen

Funny Monkey

Cammy Bean’s Learning Visions

Dangerously Irrelevant

The Innovative Educator

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