Sunday, 24 November 2013

Online Education vs. Traditional Education

No doubt that online education is becoming more popular now days. In future, students will have the complete opportunity to study in their own home with computer and internet rather than attend a traditional school going method.

The most common form of online education is Education portal, Online exam form and English tutorials. Online tutorial is the normal way of communication in online education. In traditional method of study, students need to learn their subject by sitting in the class room. In traditional system, students need to go school daily. They are not free to learn from home. They need to do travel from their home to school every day. They do not learn anything extra except books. There is nothing like word creativity in tradition method of teaching.

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No doubt that online education offers a lot of saving as there are no additional costs for accommodations and transportation. Online education course also cost a lot cheaper than courses that can be taken into a traditional school.

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It allows a more student-centered teaching approach. Each and Every student has his or her way of learning that works for them. Online Education always ensures that each lesson is completely understood before moving on next.

People can access this type of course 24 hours every day. Students can easily read and review discussion, lectures and other materials relevant to their course. Students can talk with their instructors whenever they want to by online chat, email and group discussion.

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

How to get a Job in Private Sector Bank?

Basically, there are two major sectors of bank job in India. First is public sector and second is private sector. Depending upon education, you can easily apply for a job in private sector bank. Make sure that you must have graduation degree. No doubt that fetching a chair in a private sector bank is a very good deal these days.  Before you will apply for this job, you need to prepare your resume and forward it to the HR department that looks the placement and hiring business associated with private banking.

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If you don’t want to approach any agency, then you can check the requirement information from nay of the education web portal.  You can directly send your resume to HR department of bank. This procedure is very simple and straightforward.  When HR department will get your resume, then it can be further processed with a round of a personal interview. Second round would be reporting boss and third would be HR discussion.

The first step to get a job in private bank is to prepare a resume, upload it on various sites. Once your resume is selected, then you need to come for personal interview. No doubt that a well written resume is a great interface between the bank and candidate. You selection procedure depends on your manner, which the interview is given and of course your confidence makes the HR head to reject or select the candidate.  

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

How to prepare a C.V. for a banking job?

No doubt that finding a job with top bank requires hard work with patience. The quality of your banking job CV will determine the results of your search for meaningful employment. Your CV should be well formulated to highlight your qualities and skills along with your qualifications and working experience. Make sure that your C.V. must show that you are a unique and exceptional candidate for the job as compared to others.

Make sure that networking is also a great common way of finding bank jobs. You should expand your networks whenever you get the chance, so you can automatically increase your chances of getting the best jobs from your references.

If you want to make your career in banking sector, then you should understand your duties and responsibilities. Bank job includes following work-:

1.You need to deal with daily bank transactions.
2.Need to handle credit cards and checks.
3.Processing various types of loans.
4.Need to handle deposits and withdrawal.
5.Dealing with customer queries

Bank Jobs in India 2014
Make sure that your resume should reflect the capability to perform the above task. You should include following points very clearly in your C.V.-:
1.Summary of Objectives
2.Contact Information
3.Candidates Career Summary
4.Academic Qualifications
5.Personal Achievements
6.Relevant Skills

If you prepare your banking job resume with above details highlighted in an eye catching format, then it will place you well neat to getting your dream banking job career.

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Monday, 18 November 2013

Various Career Options in India under the Government Sector.

There are various career options available in India under the government sector. You just need to fill online govt exams form. Some career options available in India under the government sector are listed below-:

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1.Administration related careers-: The government of India Conducts civil service examination every year. This exam will be conducted in two phases. If you clear this exam, then you must to get into IAS services (Indian Administration Services) and IPS (Indian Police Services). There are many other exams conducted by State and central government of India, which can help to get a career to work in administrative tasks under various government sectors like infrastructure, water department and highways.

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2.IT communication related careers-: Public sector companies like BSNL and MTNL, which are government telecom companies in India. There are plenty of career opening with these telecom companies. There are each government department has its own IT department which again provides a lot of career options. Government Electrical board of India has lot of career options for both IT and electrical engineers.

3.Careers in Research Institutes-:
Research Institutes like ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation)    and DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organisation) have a lot of career openings in research stream.

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4.Career in Teaching-:  IITs, IIMs, Government engineering and medical colleges across the country have lot of career option in research and teaching.

5.Career in bio informatics and Pure Sciences-: Tata Institute of fundamental research and National Center for Bio-informatics have career options in pure science.

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Important tips for writing a job application form

Writing a good job application form is always a one of the most important thing in this world. It is really very sad thing that many people don’t ever achieve the kind of success they may deserve, just because they don’t know how to write a job application form properly. There are following tips that may really help you in writing a job application form-:

1.Cover Letter-: One of the main areas of job application form is that people don’t know the cover letter. It is really most important part of it. Use listed tips to make cover letter perfect-:
a. Make it unique and original. Don't let yourself blend in with the others.
b .Make it to the point and sharp.
c. Make sure that focus it on the employer.

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2.Application Form-: It’s really very easy to look bad on a job application form as most of the interviewers see dozens in a day, so with a perfect and standardized form the bad ones will really stand out. Follow following points-:
a. Make sure that you will all instructions.
b. First make out a photocopy of the original form and do practice on that.
c. Prove your qualities in that form like hardworking, self motivated and knowledgeable.
d. Impress interviewers with your latest research by writing the application for the job.

3.Resume-: A well-attached resume will definitely make you seem like you were born for the job. Make your resume so clean and attractive. Always use plain paper with proper size.
 a. Do some research about the company and put what you have learned in your resume.
b. Make sure always concentrate on achievements and your skills in your work history.
c. Always avoid fancy fonts and things that are unable to read.
d .Always avoid making it too long and boring. Try to make it as much excited as you can.

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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Job Application Form-: 10 important tips to fill it.

A job application form is a very important document because you will not only provide your professional and personal qualification with help of it, but at the same time, it will also often set of questions that are designed to provide a great approach into your personality. There is no doubt that learning how to fill a job application form is more important than learning to write a quality resume because if interviewers toss your job application into dustbin, then they will never get to see your resume. First you need to make sure that you will receive an invite to face to face interview from your job application form.

job application form
1.First, you need to read the complete instructions, which are available on job application form at least three times before beginning to attempt the answers.

2.If you are filling your application form online, then you must have a notebook, in which you can write answers in advance as there are many online applications are times and you need to fill that form within the available time limit.

3.If form states that do not include CV, then please don’t attach it.

4.If it states that form should be fill in capital letters then make sure this happens.

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5.If it states that every field of the form is mandatory, then you need to do it as per the instructions.

6.If there is a large box for an answer of 500 words, then make sure that always write the answer between 450 to 550 words. No need to write your answer in 1 line.

7.Make sure that you read every single question very carefully as any single mistake can make your future dark.

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8.Make sure that you will fill appropriate job experience relevant to what the employer is looking for.

9.Do not fill your form in hurry. Keep patience and fill your application with fresh and active mind.

10.Once complete, make sure don’t forget to sign it. You need to mention date as well. Read complete form thrice before submission.

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Thursday, 14 November 2013

What are the benefits of Online Application Form?

Online Application Form provides you the facility to fill any examination form using the internet from your home. This process uses a user-friendly interface that processes you complete personal, professional and payment information immediately instead of requiring a human to enter the data manually into system. You will get confirmation receipt after completion of this process.  Several benefits of online application form are listed below-:

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 1.Speed-:  There is no doubt that online registration process is faster than filling out form or going to any place for filling information including payment and personal. Your registration information is processed as soon as you click on submit button.

Online Application form

2.Payment options-: online registration offers more than one payment method including online payment service, using an electronic check and many others. Your registration payment is processed immediately as soon as you click on proceed button. You will immediately receive a credit card receipt after the process will be done.
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3.Storing Information-: Your complete information will be store in a secured database. At next time when you use that site again, you no need to sign up again. You just need to log in into your account with the registered user name and password.

job application form 

4.Easier to change registration form information-: Once you have finished your registration process and you want to do some changes in that particular form, then you can easily edit your registration information system without having to call anyone.

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 5.Availability-: Online application form service is available 24 hours in a day. You can fill this form any time that is convenient for you instead of being limited to regular business hours.

Monday, 11 November 2013

How to Fill Job Application Form?

If you have already marked the specific job that you want, then there is no doubt that the next step would be filling application form that generally causes a lot of us to blank out the sight of it. There are following tips that you need to keep in your mind while filling job application form-:

Online Application form

Your name, Present address and Permanent address-: First thing that you need to fill out in your job application form is your name and living address. Make sure that you will fill your name and address carefully and in correct format while filling the application form.

Expected Salary-:  Write minimum salary unless you know that your experience and skills deserve for more pay. You need to put down the amount you feel that you deserve.

Major Subjects-: In this tab, you need to fill out those subjects and fields that are relevant to the job that you are currently applying for. Make sure never write those subject names that are not relevant to your expected job.

Way of contact from your Employer-:  Make sure that you write in this section “NO” if you are currently employed.  Make sure that do not wish to let your boss know that you are looking elsewhere for a job. If it is OK with you, then you can put yes.

Academic  Background-: This column is related to your academic background information. You just need to  fill out complete details very carefully. As this section shows candidate educational behavior.

Training and Total working experience
-: In this section you need to write your total working experience. You also need to write your training detail as you are certified from a special training program.

Reason for Leaving
-: This is a main important section of any job application form. If you have left your job on a good terms, then you can write End of project, End of training, wanted to explore my skills. If you were fired from your previous job frame, then you can use some good words like Left due to the manual agreement, Want to move on. Make sure never write words like heated my boss or got fired.