Monday, 18 November 2013

Various Career Options in India under the Government Sector.

There are various career options available in India under the government sector. You just need to fill online govt exams form. Some career options available in India under the government sector are listed below-:

Online Exam Form

1.Administration related careers-: The government of India Conducts civil service examination every year. This exam will be conducted in two phases. If you clear this exam, then you must to get into IAS services (Indian Administration Services) and IPS (Indian Police Services). There are many other exams conducted by State and central government of India, which can help to get a career to work in administrative tasks under various government sectors like infrastructure, water department and highways.

govt exams form
2.IT communication related careers-: Public sector companies like BSNL and MTNL, which are government telecom companies in India. There are plenty of career opening with these telecom companies. There are each government department has its own IT department which again provides a lot of career options. Government Electrical board of India has lot of career options for both IT and electrical engineers.

3.Careers in Research Institutes-:
Research Institutes like ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation)    and DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organisation) have a lot of career openings in research stream.

govt exams form

4.Career in Teaching-:  IITs, IIMs, Government engineering and medical colleges across the country have lot of career option in research and teaching.

5.Career in bio informatics and Pure Sciences-: Tata Institute of fundamental research and National Center for Bio-informatics have career options in pure science.

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