Wednesday, 8 January 2014

How to write a cover letter for an Online Application?

No doubt that your cover letter works as the first impression on employer, while you are applying for a new job. If you are talking about the tradition way to send a cover letter, then it is always to send a cover letter is a hard copy in the mail. Many of the big organizations have already made their Online application form system through which you can cut and paste your cover letter.

For writing a cover letter, first you need to open a word processing program like Notepad and Text editor. Set the font at 10 with left justify the document.

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Write your name, email address, phone number, address and D.O.B.  You need to give each component its own line with a single spaced. Make sure always avoid rich text, italics and bold as these types of things always cause some problems.

Never put double space. Write the proper name of recipient as it is very important part of cover letter. Write your name in all caps and fill the appropriate name when you paste your letter into the online application form.

After that type of short opening paragraph. Make sure use proper and simple English while writing a paragraph. Introduce yourself and explain what type of job actually you are looking for.

In next section, type the body of your cover letter. Make sure that always point out the impressive part of your resume with your professional and academic qualifications. You also need to include that why you are the best candidate for this job. Make sure that make this paragraph into 4 or 5 lines as a large paragraph can be hard to read.

In last section, type a short closing paragraph. Give thanks to the recipient for considering your application and mention the mode of the interview. If online application form does not have specific box for your name, then write sincerely, word followed by your name.

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