Sunday, 19 January 2014

Various Government Jobs with High Demand

In today’s confused economic environment, an increasing worry for the Indian workers is job stability. No doubt that government job India offers stability with good salary package. If you are currently looking for a job, you need to consider the government as an employer. Government job offers same benefits as a private sector job with a good pay scale.

Government Jobs 2014

Some of the high demanded posts in Government Jobs are-:

  Engineers work in every department of the government.  The main important departments for the engineers are defense, space administration, national aeronautics and transportation. In this category you can earn more as compared to the private jobs.

System Analyst and Computer Engineer-:  Generally computer engineer and system analyst are hired under the central government. The basic function of this job is to write various computer programs and maintain systems to keep secure database of the government processes daily.

Health Experts-:  Government hires many health care professionals including physician, surgeons and other medical staff. All health experts get good salaries with flexible working environment.

Scientists-:   The Agriculture department is a really a top employer for the scientists, especially who are experts of forestry and conservation. You will also find various jobs in other departments as well like geologists, meteorologists and physicists.

Administrative jobs-: The top jobs that are available under this category are auditors, accountants and purchasing agents. Government also hires some entry-level workers for clerical work. In this category, your salary can vary according to your experience and educational qualification.

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