Sunday, 24 November 2013

Online Education vs. Traditional Education

No doubt that online education is becoming more popular now days. In future, students will have the complete opportunity to study in their own home with computer and internet rather than attend a traditional school going method.

The most common form of online education is Education portal, Online exam form and English tutorials. Online tutorial is the normal way of communication in online education. In traditional method of study, students need to learn their subject by sitting in the class room. In traditional system, students need to go school daily. They are not free to learn from home. They need to do travel from their home to school every day. They do not learn anything extra except books. There is nothing like word creativity in tradition method of teaching.

Online Exam Form
No doubt that online education offers a lot of saving as there are no additional costs for accommodations and transportation. Online education course also cost a lot cheaper than courses that can be taken into a traditional school.

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It allows a more student-centered teaching approach. Each and Every student has his or her way of learning that works for them. Online Education always ensures that each lesson is completely understood before moving on next.

People can access this type of course 24 hours every day. Students can easily read and review discussion, lectures and other materials relevant to their course. Students can talk with their instructors whenever they want to by online chat, email and group discussion.

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