Monday, 11 November 2013

How to Fill Job Application Form?

If you have already marked the specific job that you want, then there is no doubt that the next step would be filling application form that generally causes a lot of us to blank out the sight of it. There are following tips that you need to keep in your mind while filling job application form-:

Online Application form

Your name, Present address and Permanent address-: First thing that you need to fill out in your job application form is your name and living address. Make sure that you will fill your name and address carefully and in correct format while filling the application form.

Expected Salary-:  Write minimum salary unless you know that your experience and skills deserve for more pay. You need to put down the amount you feel that you deserve.

Major Subjects-: In this tab, you need to fill out those subjects and fields that are relevant to the job that you are currently applying for. Make sure never write those subject names that are not relevant to your expected job.

Way of contact from your Employer-:  Make sure that you write in this section “NO” if you are currently employed.  Make sure that do not wish to let your boss know that you are looking elsewhere for a job. If it is OK with you, then you can put yes.

Academic  Background-: This column is related to your academic background information. You just need to  fill out complete details very carefully. As this section shows candidate educational behavior.

Training and Total working experience
-: In this section you need to write your total working experience. You also need to write your training detail as you are certified from a special training program.

Reason for Leaving
-: This is a main important section of any job application form. If you have left your job on a good terms, then you can write End of project, End of training, wanted to explore my skills. If you were fired from your previous job frame, then you can use some good words like Left due to the manual agreement, Want to move on. Make sure never write words like heated my boss or got fired.

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